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Post: Amici 22, Evening Anticipations: guests and dropouts from the first series


All previews of the first recording of the evening Amici 22.

Yesterday, Thursday, March 16, 2023was recorded the first episode of Friends Eveningpopular Canale 5 talent show hosted by Maria De Filippi and now in its twenty-second edition. Exceptional guests in the studio of the comic duo Pio and Amedeowhich will air from 24 March with their new program Felicissima Sera All Inclusive.

Preview and guests of the first edition of the evening of Amici 22

There recording of the first edition of the evening of Amici 22 begin with presentation of the new jury consisting of Cristiano Malgioglio, Michele Bravi and Giuseppe Giofre. The three teams are separated and located on a higher part than the stage. On the one side Alessandra Celentano and Rudy Zerby with Isobel, Gianmarco, Ramon, Aaron and Piccolo G; Raimondo Todaro and Arisa with Wax, Federica, Mattia and Alessio; In the end Lorella Cuccarini and Emanuel Lo with Angelina, Krikka, NDG, Maddalena, Samu and Megan.

In accordance with achievementsThis is reported from the Gossiptv page on Twitter. all races were won by Rudy Zerby and teacher Celentano. Bad news for the team of Lorella Cuccarini and Emanuel Lo. There Meghan’s first dancer to be eliminated from the evening. Run 2: The Zerbi-Celentano team challenges Raimondo Todaro and Ariza. And again the first prevailed. Federica qualifies for the final round.

Third and final run: Zerby and teacher Celentano decide to challenge Cuccarini and Emanuel Lo once again. Worst is the singer NDGWhat gets into the final vote with Federica. Open the name of the second eliminated from the evening we just have to wait for it to air first episode of the evening.

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