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Post: The Wizard’s Elephant, Animated Movie on Netflix from Today


From today on Netflix appeared the animated film “Magic Elephant” based on the novel by Kate DiCamillo. Let’s find out together the plot, the cast and some curiosities.

Available from today, Friday March 17on the streaming platform Netflix, Wizard Elephant this is a gentle story of courage and magic that teaches that anything is possible. Based on a children’s story Keith DiCamilloNewbery Award winner, the film tells the story of Peter searching for his missing sister.

The Wizard’s Elephant: Plot, Cast and Trivia of the Animated Movie, Available Today on Netflix

Peter he is an optimistic boy determined to find his lost sister. During his research, he meets a seer, whom he asks if her sister is still alive. The cryptic answer of the woman confuses the boy: to find a sister, Peter will have to follow the mysterious elephant. From here, an exciting adventure opens up for the young protagonist, during which he will have to complete three seemingly impossible tests that will push him to search for his destiny.

Wizard Elephant is an animated film available on Netflix from today, Friday, March 17th. Director Wendy Rogers it is a story of hope and courage that invites us to believe in our dreams and in the endless possibilities we can take to be happy. The director of the film said that she was delighted with what she was able to shoot Wizard Elephantbecause this was the story he was always looking for:

“I was not familiar with Kate DiCamillo’s novel and it was a privilege to make my directorial debut after 25 years of special effects with such a powerful story. : his perseverance, determination and conviction help us to understand that everything is possible. To change the world for the better, you just need to believe in it and, above all, act.”

Compared to the novel, he also told Rogersmade some changes: the three trials and the character of the King do not actually appear in the printed version, but their addition was necessary to revitalize the plot.

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