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Post: Men and women, Ida Platano leaves Gemma Galgani speechless: the sweetest gesture


Ida Platano posts a drawing of her son on Instagram, dedicating it to a friend of men and women, Gemma Galgani.

friendship between Gemma Galgani And Ida Platano getting stronger every day. Two ladies from throne over they have a great relationship, they witness romantic moments and very sad moments and support each other in learning Man and woman as well as away from the cameras. A few hours ago Ida made nice gesture for Gemma who answered went to her best friend on social media.

Men and women, Ida and Gemma are more and more united

In recent weeks Gemma Galgani lost its leading role in the study Man and woman. After many years of heated discussions with Tina Cipollariwho never forgave her for being, despite her advanced age, still in search of great love, after sensual fashion shows that attracted the attention of the public Channel 5 and sudden partings ended in a sea of ​​tears, gemstone made way for new and old faces Throne overamong which one of Ida Platano.

The lady from Brescia was, in fact, at the center of the gossip again when Riccardo Guarnieri decided to take part in the program again, and she could not hide the impression that the Apulian knight still makes on her. Although Ida got an important role, accused Isabella Ricci will become a clone of the Turin lady, gemstone does not seem to bear the slightest resentment. L’friendship between Ida and Gemma, in fact, he’s tougher than ever, and they continue to publicly defend each other, as well as share snippets of their relationship on social media. In fact, a few hours ago, Ida published in her Ig Stories a drawing made by his son Samuele, who depicted his mother with Galgani.

A very cute gesture that touched people on the net and testifies to the wonderful feeling between the two ladies from Man and woman. Meanwhile, all eyes are on the decision Riccardo: while it is clear that Ida wants to start over with him, giving himself one last chance to get the relationship off the ground after back and forth several times, the Apulian knight hesitates more than ever.

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