Post: Big brother Vip, Daniele Dal Moro throws dirt, reality into chaos: “I refused to stay in the studio, really soon”

The sharp impulse of Daniele Dal Moro after the disqualification of Big Brother Vip.

Daniele Dal Moro prepares for war against Big Brother Vip. 32-year-old Veronese, cto a post posted on his Instagram profileindicated that he was being treated “like a fugitive” with immediate action unlike what happened to Edoardo Donnamaria for which he was also forbidden to greet his fellow adventurers.

Gf Vip, Daniele Dal Moro against the program “Over time, I will tell the whole truth about the Big Brother of children and stepchildren”

Daniele was disqualified iconfessed and never returned to the house. The former tronist also noted that he should be in the studio on tomorrow’s episode of Gf Vip, but for “new provisions“It was impossible and therefore yesThey also refuse to send me video materials to avoid exploitation. Dal Moro promised to tell much more in light of what has been done for some time, Mediaset’s reality show seems to be “children and adopted children”. Some competitors forgive everything, others do not.

Program organized Alfonso Signorini Seems never like now shrouded in chaos. The host and writers are in the spotlight, and the new editorial line doesn’t seem to reward the program with ratings or recognition at all due to the rigidity that only applies at certain times and with certain competitors.

This sharp post by Daniele Dal Moro:

“I was supposed to be in the studio on Monday… It was impossible because of the new regulations, only video footage, like for Edoardo. The difference is that Edoardo wasn’t caught for a week as a fugitive. I refused to send him any video content for them to exploit as they saw fit. Unfortunately, at the moment my hands are tied due to contractual issues. But over time, I will tell the whole truth about the Big Brother of children and stepchildren. It’s a promise.”

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