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Post: Big Brother Vip, a former Giffina, admits: “Antonio Meduno and I have made each other stronger and now…”


Former giffina Natalie Caldonazzo clears up the relationship that binds her to Antonio Meduño after Vip Big Brother.

Among the most discussed competitors of the latest release Big Brother Vip definitely there Natalie Caldonazzo. In an interview with Giada Di Miceli on the radio show Non Happen More, the former giffina returned to talk about her experience at Cinecittà House and clarified the relationship that connects her with Antonio Meduno.

The truth about Natalie Caldonazzo’s relationship with Antonio Medugno

A few months after graduation Big Brother Vipwhere is the triumph of Jessica Selassie, Natalie she returned to speak of her intense experience at the famous Cinecitta House. An experience enhanced by the presence of a young tik toker Antonio Medugno. About the special relationship that arose between them, the dancer admitted:

Antonio – love! If there is a tender? No, but how do you do it? It’s too small, I would feel like a monster! My daughter is dating someone the same age as Antonio and I don’t find it morally right. We put a lot of effort into each other and now we will also shoot a video for the Neapolitan singer together. From time to time I call him, see you, let’s work together in Tik Tok… But there is nothing between us, it’s incredibly clean, I’m older…

This cannot be said about Baru. There Caldonazzoin fact, he talked about their turbulent relationship, showing that he had Costantino Della Gherardesca’s nephew blocked on social media after vip girlfriend:

When I came out, he was the first person I blocked on Instagram because he let me down as a human being. Perhaps also the fact that I refused to stage the final ballet with Baru and sausages … Having spent two days of my life rehearsing a ballet for Baru … For several days we got along well in the House, she is not a person that I could well frame, I didn’t like that she kept making promises to poor Jessica to keep going.

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