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Post: 5 Movies Starring Ben Barnes to Get Well


Interested in Ben Barnes? Here are a few films in which the actor, who became famous long before Darkness and Bones, starred.

You wonder where you’ve seen Ben Barnesand also in Darkness and bones? While the second season is on Netflix, allow yourself to refresh your memory (or deepen your knowledge) with some of the titles that have most marked his acting career. Ben Barnes’ fame is far ahead of him Dark in darkness and bones (also called Shadow and bone In the original language). But where have we already seen the actor? Next five movie titles be reinstated with Ben Barnes in throw.

star dust

The first film is never forgotten. Ben Barnes makes his big screen debut in a leading role star dust2007 fantasy film based on Neil Gaiman’s novel of the same name, where he played a juvenile version Dunstan Thornprotagonist Tristan’s father (plays Charlie Cox). Despite the minor role, Barnes was able to be noticed.

The Chronicles of Narnia – Prince Caspian

It only took one year to completely change his life. In 2008, a new chapter de The Chronicles of Narnia which runs it as an interpreter Prince Caspian. The film, based on the gripping and eponymous novel of the Chronicles of Narnia cycle, allowed Ben Barnes to receive his first worthy recognition. In 2010, he reprized the role Chronicles of Narnia – Journey on a big ship.

Dorian Gray

Directed by Oliver Parker Dorian Gray chose Ben Barnes for the title role. Psychological thriller based on The Picture of Dorian Grey Oscar Wilde, film released in 2009, cast also involved Colin Firth.

Big wedding

Not only thrillers and fantasy, but also comedies like Big wedding. From a very rich composition led by Robert DeNiro AND Susan Sarandonthe film, released in 2013, is a remake of the French Mon Frere se Marie. Ben Barnes in this case plays Alejandro Griffinson of divorced Don and Ellie.

Seventh Son

Instead, we offer the latest film starring Ben Barnes. Seventh Sonreleased in 2014. In fact, this is the actor’s last project on the big screen. Screen adaptation of the novel The Wizard’s Apprenticechose Ben Barnes again to star in a fantasy adventure.

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