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Post: Friends 22, Is Francesca Tocca pregnant? The dancer accuses: “Make peace with the brain!”


During the Amici evening, dancer Francesca Tocca, Raimondo Todaro’s wife, did not perform, sparking rumors of a possible pregnancy. Here is what the person concerned said.

First episode Evening twenty second edition Friends broadcast on Saturday, March 18 Channel 5 and has already caused some gossip and controversy. Among the latest rumors, one concerned a professional dancer Francis Touchwife Raymond Todaro.

Amici is 22 years old and Francesca Tocca is rumored to be pregnant. She responds like this: “Make peace with your brain.”

early evening Evening From Friends 22, Francis Touch she did not perform as usual, but took the stage only to challenge the professors. The audience couldn’t help but notice that the dancer was wearing a blazer to hide her curves, and that he never danced like other pros. The first thought of the fans, coupled with the fact that Touch was absent for several weeks from the program, was it ballerina was pregnant.

Many also thought that the pregnancy news might be true because Maria DeFilippi He suggested Blessed Varia student of this edition dropped out before the Evening to continue dancing in the program as a companion Matthias Zenzolarole that could be played Francis Touch. Fans seemed extremely excited about a possible pregnancy also because she would deny any rumors of a crisis with her husband. Raymond Todaro. But surprisingly it came stakeholder response deny everything.

Indeed, in the stories in his profile Instagramthe dancer wanted to personally comment on the various rumors that have affected her and her personal life in recent months:

“I used to be in a crisis … Now I’m pregnant … Journalists and various gossips put up with your brain that there is a risk that you will begin to inspire less confidence …” I clearly deny everything. Night”

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