Big brother Vip, the tension between Antonella Fiordelisi and Andrea Maestrelli: “I did not expect this from you”

Andrea Maestrelli disappointed with Antonella Fiordelisi’s behavior at Gf Vip.

L’friendship born in Dom Big Brother VIP Between Andrea Maestrelli and Antonella Fiordelisi Seems risky. The young participant of the seventh draw distanced himself, who, colliding with a fencer from Salerno, did not hide from her a certain disappointment for some of his views.

Andrea Maestrelli distances herself from Antonella Fiordelisi to Gf ​​Vip

Tension in Vip’s older brother’s house between Andrea Maestrelli and Antonella Fiordelisi. If a participant from Salerno admitted to Nikita Pelizon that she noticed some distance from Andrea, then the latter told Milena Mikoni that he was tired and disappointed with Antonella’s behavior towards him.

A few hours after the release of the new series vip girlfriend, Andrea and Antonella found themselves face to face and the former football player did not miss the opportunity to reveal the reasons for his departure, noting also the strange incompatibility between them:

I already told you how I think. I’m talking and you’re not listening, remember! I already told you that I don’t like seeing you like this, I don’t like this kind of thing. I’m sorry they came to visit me, everyone gets up except you. I did not expect this from you … I see things and I understand that we are far from some thoughts. Even the way you acted on your birthday… do what you want, but we’re far away…

Shocked by statements Andrey, Antonella he tried to protect himself accusations however, without healing the young man’s disappointment:

In the episode, I felt terrible, I couldn’t even smile. No, well, I’m in shock, I don’t even want to answer. It seems crazy to me that now, a few days later, I’m talking about my birthday. It does not make sense. You can’t talk to me about sharing because I share everything with my friends and loved ones. I understand that you are always on the other side and now you want to find a way to leave… that’s okay.

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