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Post: Big Brother Vip: Rags are flying between Daniele Dal Moro and Gianmarco Onestini, Luca’s brother


An ironic tweet by Daniele Dal Moro provoked a scathing reaction from Gianmarco Onestini, Luca’s brother.

After Disqualification of Daniele Dal Moro from Gf Vipwhich took place on March 17 last year, Daniele Dal Moro he returned very active on social media.

Gf Vip Poison Q&A between Daniele Dal Moro and Gianmarco Onestini

On his Instagram profile, he initially shared several stories on Ig, pointing the finger at the reality show that appeared to have him disqualified for his rather harmless and jocular behavior towards Oriana Marzolithen dedicating a post to the latter and finally yesterday in which he announced to give some backstory to a program that implements unfair measures against competitors.

And that’s not all, because a few hours ago Daniel he tweeted a photo with sunglasses and a finger pointing at them. In the caption, he wrote: “SPOILER: Onestini is away from the kid right now because he’s too busy looking for his glasses”.

However, Veronese’s chirping excited the wrath of Gianmarco Onestini, Luke’s younger brother.

“Keep acting like this, Daniele, and you will always be the last choice… for everyone.”.

Pretty venomous tweet from Gianmarco to whom Daniel he replied, specifying that it was a simple joke:

Gianmarco was just ironic.Your brother’s glasses are made of plastic and cost about 10 euros.If you send iban, I will make a bank transfer.cute demon

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