Chloe Bailey dreams of becoming a part of the Marvel Universe and has already found the perfect role.

While her sister prepares to debut as a Disney princess, Chloe Bailey wants to join the MCU and has already chosen a character she’s interested in.

Chloe Bailey would like to joinMarvel Universe and even chose a character for the game. His sister Holly Bailey he’ll hit theaters soon as a live-action protagonist Mermaid, dusting off the charms of Ariel and her romance with Prince Eric. For her part, Chloe Bailey didn’t turn down the opportunity to play and actually got into streaming on Prime Video with Roy. But she wouldn’t mind a more active role in movies, especially in the Marvel Universe. And he would have already chosen which character to play.

Chloe Bailey wants to join the Marvel Universe: who would she like to play?

Although Chloe Bailey is currently busy with Prime Video, she always has room for new dreams, and during an interview with Collider Ladies Night Pre-Party, said that she would like to participate in the Marvel Universe. Most of the inspiration seems to come from his sister Galle. Since she was chosen as the lead character in The Little Mermaid, Holly encouraged her to pursue her desires and embark on big-budget projects.

I’m so proud of my sister and I think it’s all about the timing when opportunities knock on your door. She is the absolutely perfect Ariel. With her very sweet angelic voice, she is perfect for the role. And I am sure that the right opportunity will present itself to me. As with Swarm, I was able to bring my own music and pair it with my love of thrillers and suspense.

Chloe Bailey will also play in Praise it, thanks to which “I was able to show my brilliant and brilliant self, combined with my acting talent.” For the actress, it is important that “every character of mine has a piece of Chloe, it makes the game easier. And I think that’s why I enjoyed acting the most, because I can be free without prejudice, because no one knows which of the roles that I show belongs to Chloe. Unlike her sister Holly, Chloe Bailey would not want to play a Disney princess on the big screen, but would like to join the universe. Marvel and in particular, X-Men.

I don’t have a live-action name in mind, but I’d love to play Tempest in the Marvel Universe, which is part of Disney, so…

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