Big Brother Vip, Codacons on reality show: ‘It’s based on absolute nothingness’

This edition of Big Brother Vip has been full of controversy and criticism, the latest coming from the Codacons who trashed the reality show. Let’s see what happened together.

This edition Big Brother VIP caused a lot of controversy and negative comments due to the repeated behavior of giffins, too vulgar and ready to quarrel with each other at every opportunity. New Line Accepted by Managing Director MediasetPier Silvio Berlusconi, has already led to the cancellation of some reality TV reruns Channel 5 from the La5 schedule and the disqualification of two vipponis: Edoardo Donnamaria and Daniele Dal Moro, for an absolutely unbearable and cruel attitude towards two of their comrades.

GFVip, President of Codacons, Suppresses Program

In addition to public criticism, negative comments on the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini he was also president codacons, Charles Rienzi. The latter, in fact, gave an interview to the weekly New TV during which he has Canale 5 program was interruptedeven to the extent that they state that previous editions are primarily edited by Barbara D’Urso they were less vulgar and problematic than these.

weekly, Rienzi he could not contain the outrage of the reality show and, in fact, stated:

“What annoyed me the most? No swearing, no bullying, but absolute insignificance, on which the show is built. We see how young people spend their days on the couch, between silence and non-existent topics. They offer the wrong way of life, which they also see children. Agcom should step in, but it doesn’t. This body, paid by the state, should guarantee a minimum of decency on television.”[…]Do CEOs really think they launch their TVs with stuff like this?”

But Rienzi he also opposed all reality shows, defining Celebrity Island transition from frying pan to grill, as well as for Mole and comes to the definition of “less heavy” editions GFVip held Barbara D’Urso. Rienzi And codacons they have already expressed their frustration with the drift of the reality show and the affair Bellaviafor which this year’s edition Big Brother found itself in the middle of a storm, the company filed a complaint with the public prosecutor of Rome and Agcom to establish criminal offenses and violations.

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