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Post: Shazam, Zachary Levi already has an idea for a third movie


With no confirmation for the future, Zachary Levi has unveiled one of his biggest ideas for a possible direct sequel to Shazam! Fury of the gods.

Bye Shazam! Fury of the gods recently hit theaters with a new team of villains with Hollywood charm, Zachary Levy already mean perfect idea For third film. According to the plot, Levi plays the super version of the protagonist, Billy Batsonplayed in teenage form Asher Angel. Introduced in the first film as a shy boy determined to find his mother, Billy eventually inherited the wizard’s powers and became Shazam. Simply by saying a magic word, he transforms into a muscular, costumed superhero with superhuman strength and special powers that, in the second film, draw the attention of the Daughters of Atlas. But what could be Zachary Levi’s good idea for a third film?

Shazam, Zachary Levi already has an idea for a third movie, but is it feasible?

In Shazam! Fury of the gods, the Shazam family is forced to fight the rage Daughters of Atlasled by Hespera, played by Helen Mirren and then Calypso (Lucy Liu) and Antaeus (Rachel Zegler). These are three ancient deities who came to Earth to make a group of children pay for having too much power. Now that the second chapter, set in the DC Universe, has made its movie debut, what’s the future of Shazam? Zachary Levi considered a possible lead role in the third film, given that the co-president of DC Studios had joined the project as a producer. Since the debut of Peter Safran and James Gunn, the DC Universe has changed trajectory and is ready to launch new projects. The two co-chairs made difficult decisions such as postponing Wonder Woman 3 AND Black Adams and Henry Cavill in the form of Superman. What will happen to Shazam? Zachary Levi has expressed his opinion on a hypothetical third film, which, to clarify, has not been confirmed at the moment. Here’s what he said in an interview electronic warfare.

Now the situation is similar to the first film, when we did not know that we would shoot a sequel. We just wanted to make the best movie and make it known to the whole world. And we made a great movie. I want it to spread all over the world and I hope people enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it. They will decide what his future is. As for my preference, I’d like to make a superhero/zombie movie.

Additionally, Zachary Levi showed particular enthusiasm for what happened in Shazam! Fury of the gods. Attention: follow spoilers on the film in question. During an interview with electronic warfare, the main actor remembered the moment he was able to fight the dragon. “I beat the dragon again and again. And he deserved it: he’s an evil dragon.”

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