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Post: Friends 22, Giuseppe Giofre in tears during the evening and this gesture by Maria De Filippi that touched [VIDEO]


The Serale di Amici also saw all three judges of the program together for the first time. It was Giuseppe Giofre who was startled in tears during the episode on Saturday, March 18, and by the gesture of Maria De Filippi towards him.

The first episode aired on Saturday, March 18. Evening From Friends: between eliminations, challenges and some gossip, it was also an opportunity to see the show’s three new judges on screen Channel 5 held Maria DeFilippi: Michael Good, Crisiano Malgioglio AND Joseph Jofre. The latter, in particular, became the protagonist of a touching moment, along with the presenter and hostess.

Friends 22 years old, Giuseppe Giofre has moved and Maria De Filippi consoles him

Joseph Jofre is one of three judges Evening From Friends and it’s the long-awaited return of the talent show from 2012. Jofre won ad Friends in the dance category and received a scholarship that allowed him to have a rich career abroad, as well as appear in the video clips of some pop stars such as Taylor Swift AND Jennifer Lopez. In an interview with Vanity Fair a few years ago, Jofre showed that he always loved the show Maria DeFilippi in that

“One day I would be able to enter: it was strange to be on the other side and watch this with Maria De Filippi.”

Judge of this twenty-second edition Friends was the protagonist of a sweet moment during Evening: When Federica Aversani sang tango Tananaystopped halfway through the performance due to emotions and at the same time in the jury, Jofre he was touched and could not hold back his tears. The hostess responded very kindly: Maria DeFilippiin fact, he reached out to him and hugged him to comfort him. On the Web, many appreciated this gentle gesture of the TV presenter, first of all, in the light of the recent pain that turned her life upside down, the loss of her husband. Maurice Costanzowho died on February 24 at the age of 84.

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