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Post: Beverly Hills Girls, Stacey Dash and Eliza Donovan on Sequel: ‘We’re Sure Fans Will Love It’


In an interview during ’90sCon, Stacey Dash and Eliza Donovan talked about the possibilities of a Beverly Hills Girls sequel. Let’s see what they said together.

Girls in Beverly Hills maybe a sequel? Stacey Dashtranslator Dionne, ed. Eliza Donovanwho played Amber in the cult hit of the 90s, would be more than happy to reprise their roles and tell the audience a new story, perhaps with older characters.

Stacey Dash’s ‘Beverly Hills Girls’ Would Like A Sequel In Which Characters Struggling With Adulthood

In an interview during a 90s conference Entertainment tonight, Stacey Dash And Eliza Donovan showed that a possible sequel “it’s in Amy’s hands [Heckerling, la regista del film]But they and the rest of the cast will likely return for a new film about the sassy Beverly Hills teens. The two actresses said it would be fun to see their adult characters grapple with the challenges life throws at them:

“Seeing them as adults and in their own lives, maybe with or without kids, would be really fun.”

After that, early speculation about a sequel swept through the minds of fans and actors alike. Alicia Silverstonestar of the film, reprized her role as Cher Horowitz in this year’s Super Bowl commercial alongside Eliza Donovan:

“We had a lot of fun. And I agree that for a sequel, we just need to find a really interesting way to do it. But they can count on me, I always thought it would be fun. When I shot the Super Bowl commercial, I was nervous, but I’m not nervous anymore. I really hope they give us a chance.”

From the original composition will be absent Brittany Murphytragically passed away in 2009. In memory of her Donovan he declared:

“She was so talented. I always described her as a hummingbird, she was always on the go. And she was the youngest in the group, out of the whole cast, so I felt like a big sister to her.”

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