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Post: Snow White because Rachel Zegler was afraid of live performances.


Rachel Zegler will soon return to the movies as Snow White and admitted that she met the challenge with great horror.

Soon Disney will introduce their new princess in a live action vein. Holly Bailey will soon make her film debut as Ariel’s interpreter Mermaidand also soon Rachel Zegler will have the opportunity to bring one of Disney’s most iconic female characters back to the big screen. In fact, she will be the main character snow Whitelive action film director Mark Webb based on the cartoon of the same name. Rachel Zegler recently said that she initially faced this new challenge with fear.

Rachel Zegler explains why she was afraid to play Snow White

The debut of Rachel Zegler on the big screen took place not so long ago. Success in her career came quickly, mainly thanks to Steven Spielberg, who invited her to star in the remake. West Side Story. Since that time, Rachel Zegler has never stopped her run. His second film in cinema Shazam! Fury of the gods where she plays one of the three daughters of Atlanta, the villainess of the second film. In addition, the actress was chosen as a co-star in the film The Hunger Games: The Ballad of the Nightingale and the Serpentprequel film to the famous movie saga Jennifer Lawrence. Finally, Rachel Zegler landed the role of Snow White, a role that brought with it a lot of challenge as well as a lot of fear. To the microphones NME, the actress admitted how she initially approached the role of Snow White, given that Disney made his debut in the world of feature-length animated films with this character. Snow White was the first classic cartoon princess to hit theaters in 1937, and almost ninety years later, Rachel Zegler reinterprets her in a live-action vein.

I was terrified, really terrified, because I was going to play the first part. The All Disney Princess project began with Snow White in 1937. You have so many things to think about and so many things to do, such as cutting your hair and learning how to dance with play animals, things that don’t exist. There was a lot of pressure, I won’t deny it.

Rachel Zegler is thrilled to play Snow White, but there are high expectations for the role. After all, her career is still in its infancy, but so far she has been collecting one success after another thanks to the interesting projects she has been involved in. The composition of “Snow White” also includes Gal Gadotwho discards his cult amazing woman interpret Evil queen. Complete the cast of a feature film Andrew Burnup, Louise Guerreiro, Cathy Hardwick, Dujonna Gift AND Joshmain Joseph. Release scheduled for March 2024.

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