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Post: Men and women, Gemma Galgani in tears, Silvio Venturato: “But what kind of romanticism are you talking about?” [VIDEO]


In the episode “Men and Women” that airs today on Channel 5, Gemma Galgani and Silvio Venturato seem to be unable to reach an agreement, and during the episode, the woman cries. Let’s see what happened together.

Today at Man and woman it starts from the throne with Gemma Galgani dealing with a knight Silvio Venturato. The knight decided to lay down his arms, tired of the contradictory attitude of the lady.

Men and women, Gemma Galgani in tears, Silvio Venturato crushes his romance

Gemma Galgani she is very upset by the excessive resourcefulness Silvio Venturato, the knight you meet. In a studio Maria DeFilippi he said that the lady, trying to bring out the romantic side of the knight, organized a dinner by the lake, but things went completely wrong, because the knight was annoyed by the attitude of the lady who was in the studio, more than once reproached him for his excessive temper. Silvio declares that in a month he would like to know gemstone she takes an interest in him. The two end up arguing so much that the lady cries and seems ready to leave. Silvio but he apologizes to her and they decide to meet again. A Turin lady enters the studio and reveals that they had another meeting at the spa where they spent many hours together.

Tina Cipollati AND Gianni Sperti they would like the lady to give a few more details, but the lady looks confused. Tina he teases her by reminding her of his past and how he has always shown himself available, John he ups the dose, reminding her of Giorgio, her historical ex, and of the situation the Turin lady assumed at a time when the knight also frequented other women. At this moment, the lady becomes furious and loses her temper, answering that something clicked with Giorgio at first sight, and with Silvio no, instead. Between the observers and the lady of Turin, the usual dynamics of excavations arise, while Tina doesn’t one of his say: “Are you allergic to p***?”drawing applause in the studio.

When the knight enters, the situation seems to get worse because Silvio says that their walk to the spa was a real joke. and that the lady did not tell the whole truth because she hid that she also tried to tease him during the walk, but she seems to want to put the responsibility of being passionate on him alone. The knight was very tired of such a contradictory attitude of the lady and the fact that it detracted from the day spent together, where there were not only a few kisses, but also other things, only the lady did not want to reveal this. Even commentators seem to be convinced that the story of the lady of Turin is completely misleading. When Maria DeFilippi asks him what he wants to do, the knight states that he intends to sit among the other knights, and then at the end of the episode he will go home because he is very tired.

Silvio he also refuses to dance with a lady, so much so that Gemma follows him backstage. But Silvioler runs away and they sit on opposite sides of the office, not even looking at each other.. Still later, pundits increase the dose, but gemstone he gets angry and lashes out at them and them Silvioshout that he’s not going to make dirty comments about the day they spent togetherbecause that’s not his style. And these words again push the knight to say that he wants to leave, because it is clear that he does not suit the lady. gemstone at this moment she is in tears, feels misunderstood and too Maria DeFilippi he tries to make her understand that the knight would only like to be told that he is desired by her and that it is not clear from his story that this desire was. The co-nutrition tries to encourage them to dance to clear things up, and the two timidly seem to be starting to bond again, with John trying to get them to dance closer together. But the situation has not been unlocked at all, so much so that even Mary he points it out to her and it seems like everyone is trying to get them together, so…they dance for the third time.

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