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Post: Big Brother Vip: Signorini breaks silence on Daniele Dal Moro suspension, blurts out former jeffino on social media


Daniele Dal Moro comments on the Gf Vip live broadcast on social networks: “My desire is to break down this door and get into the house.”

Alfonso Signorini opened the last episode Big Brother VIP talking about suspension from the game Daniele Dal Moro. Conductor’s Declaration Channel 5 reality showhowever, the former throne player Men and Women did not like them at all intervened on social media to speak his mind.

Daniele Dal Moro Vs Gf Vip

Daniele Dal Moro was disqualified by Big Brother Vip for the manners and tones used in relation to Oriana Marzoli. The conductor tried to shed light on this issue Alfonso Signorini that while talking to a Venezuelan influencer over the last straightrevealed the real reasons which led the production to decide to disqualify Veneto:

Daniele was disqualified because of a prank with Oriana that didn’t go the way it should have ended. In some of the images that have been online, Daniele has shown a somewhat aggressive attitude, accompanied by a few words. And, according to the new directives, he was disqualified. We saw each other under duress… unfortunately, mistakes pay. “Leave me, I don’t like it, you hurt me”: when a woman tells a man to “leave me”, this is a delicate fact. When you talked about it to others, you talked about it as something that you didn’t like, that you didn’t like those ways.

Statements you don’t like at all Daniel. In fact, the former competitor took to Twitter to comment straight from gf vip: “My desire to break down that damn red door and break into the house”. Not only. The former throne player also took the opportunity to judge presence in the front row of Patricia Rossettione of the contestants with whom she argued several times in the House of Representatives: “The patrician who loves me is sitting in the front… Wilma, Attilio, George, Salatino, Antonio in the bar…”. It’s still: “Summary: The blame was dumped to hide the action. End”.

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