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Post: Likhacheva comments on her departure from the Museum of Architecture


Elizaveta Likhacheva commented on her departure from the Architecture Museum to the Pushkin Museum.

MOSCOW, March 21 – RIA Novosti. Elizaveta Likhacheva commented on her departure from the Museum of Architecture. her words given on the institution’s Telegram channel.

“The Museum of Architecture is a place for me that has shaped me as a professional. It is a place that I love endlessly and will always help. I will never forget my job at the museum and my colleagues whom I helped. Because they believed in me six years ago, came up with absolutely crazy ideas at first glance, and helped me. I am extremely grateful. In many ways, without them, what has happened at the museum over the past six years would not have been possible,” says Elizabeth Likhachev.

He has been working at the Museum of Architecture since 2006: “first in the scientific catalog of photographs, from 2010 to 2012 he headed the scientific department for the dissemination of architecture, since 2014 he is the deputy director of the branch of the Museum of Architecture. – Melnikov Museum,” the publication notes. In 2017, Likhacheva became its director.

Today it became known that he was appointed director of the Pushkin Museum.

“We wish Elizabeth success and sincerely congratulate our colleagues in Pushkin, you are very lucky!” – Says the Architectural Museum’s post.

Previously, Marina Loshak was headed by Pushkinsky.

AS Director of the Pushkin Museum.  Pushkina Marina Loshak during a press conference - RIA Novosti, 1920, 21.03.2023

Marina Loshak appreciated her work as the director of the Pushkin Museum.

Source: Ria

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