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Post: Big Brother Vip, Davide Donadei playing the competition: “Here’s who is the best strategist and who can win”


Former Jeffino Davide Donadei comments on the latest dynamics of Casa del Gf Vip.

David Donaday was one of the participants of the seventh competition Big Brother VIP. In an interview with Superguidatv, the former men’s and women’s throne player summed up his career at the House and commented on the latest news. dynamics in the Cinecitta house who saw disqualification of Edoardo Donnamaria and Daniele Dal Moro.

Davide Donadei’s confession about Gf Vip’s competitors

Within a few weeks after its liquidation, David Donaday gave an interview to Superguidatv in which he again talked about his experience at Casa del Big Brother VIP. The former jeffino took the opportunity to speak out about his now former playmates and reveal the name of the eventual winner of the seventh draw:

I think Oriana, Nikita and Antonella could play to win. Orian’s most strategist, I recognize this thing. She is the best prepared. Edoardo Tavassi also thinks about what he says and does. I would like to get to the final televote with Andrea, we shared a lot together. I would love to turn off the lights in the house with him. None of them really disappointed me. My only regret was that Alberto’s candidacy was the only one I got when I left. I would never mention Alberto, we were very close. I think it was the strategy of his game, obviously it was easier to go to the nomination with me.

Oh instead suspension from the game by Edoardo Donnamaria and Daniele Dal Moro, Donaday confessed:

Edoardo was beside himself. He wasn’t fake, he was just that: awake, standing. It was number one. He had been furious for the last few days. It’s exhausting to stay there for six months… From the outside, Daniele irritated me, but instead I overestimated him. Regarding the position against Daniele, we have been reprimanded several times over the past month for an attitude that could no longer pass. Here, the attitude was judged in this way, and they considered it more fair to disqualify Daniele for his behavior towards Oriana. Daniele is an intelligent person, I can tell you that after six and a half months he even “boiled” a little. He didn’t control his attitude, but I don’t think he wanted to hurt Oriana. As for statements against Big Brother, we have to see what he has to say, and then maybe I can judge.

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