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Post: Big brother Vip, Antonella runs away from Edoardo after being eliminated: “Heart in a Thousand”


After being expelled from Big Brother Vip, Antonella and Edoardo immediately reunited. The powerful man from Campania beamed in the arms of young Roman.

Episode forty two vip girlfrienddecidedelimination one of the absolute and undoubted heroes of the seventh edition: after six months in the very spy house of Italy, Antonella Fiordelisisaid goodbye to the reality show after the results of the televote against Nikita Pelison, Milena Miconi and Jaele De Dona.

Big Brother Vip, Antonella Fiordelisi hugging Edoardo Donnamaria, unstoppable happiness

Departure Antonella it was also due to the appeal of her parents, who during the week asked all those who support her not to vote for her anymore, seeing her as especially sophisticated and intolerant towards the rest of the group.

“Let one thing be clear: Antonella left at the choice of her own fandom, the main reason was her emotional discomfort. For me, you won” He wrote Edoardo Donnamaria on Instagram before reuniting with the former swordsman.

There cornflowersin fact, shortly after being expelled from the ward, he immediately posted the video in Edoardo’s company. Ex Giffina appeared in radiant singing next to her boyfriendThe greatest show since the big bang is us.” indication “feel your heart beat”

This morning Donna Maria published a story in which he shows Antonella smiling lying on the bed: .“Who the hell sleeps more” Edward wrote.

In short, for those who still doubt, I Donnalisi they are together and seem really in seventh heaven, despite the disqualification of the young Roman and the unexpected elimination of the beautiful Salernitana.

Antonella she also thanked everyone who supported her and posted a lengthy fan letter explaining why they chose not to vote for her expulsion from the House of Representatives.

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