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Post: John Wick 4, Keanu Reeves tired of action movies?


Keanu Reeves is 58 years old and in great shape in John Wick 4, at least as far as we the public can tell. But does it really feel so instant? He said what he thought into the microphones of Good Morning America.

John Wick 4 in theaters March 23 e Keanu Reeves continues to give the law to other stars: perhaps he does not reach the virtuoso level Tom Cruisealmost the same age but 58 years old Keanu confidently handles recruiting dynamics action, backed up by the experience of its director, former stunt double Chad Stahelski. Host of Good Morning America, although Keanu come to terms with agefor future commitments: how long will you maintain the impact of sustainable action?

Keanu Reeves on leaving action films: ‘It’s not time yet’

From a young age Boiling pointarrival at John Wick 4 passing through matrixAvailability Keanu Reeves in the film, he showed both an intense performance that his fans love, as well as a strong and steady dynamism, its trademark. Will Reeve interviewed Keanu for good morning america and asked him if 58 years old now let’s start weigh this role on himand possibly going close with action. Reeves smiled.We’re not there yet, but this movie definitely brought me closer!“For an actor, there are two aspects that cancel each other out and create a balance at the moment: on the one hand,old age and begins to make itself felt, on the otheraccumulated experience which makes him more effective in fulfilling his action role. In short, Keanu doesn’t give the thought of leaving an action movie or John Wick very soon: “i love his worldi think this movie is pretty much epic and I love playing that role.”

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