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Post: Exciting talents. Dialogues on Italian horror: a meeting open to all on Monday 27 March at Anica


The National Syndicate of Italian Film Critics organizes a meeting called “Tanti da shivering. Dialogues on Italian Horror” with guests and screening on Monday 27th.

An interesting initiative for all horror lovers was organized by the Italian Union of Film Critics (SNCCI), which rarely deals with genre films. Has a name Exciting talents. Dialogue in horror films and will be held in the Anica Hall at Viale Regina Margherita 286 in Rome. March 27, Monday, beginning at 18:00.with guests and shows.

Exciting Talent Program

For years there has been hope for a revival of Italian horror cinema, a production that will follow in the footsteps left by some of our greatest directors and artists between the 1960s and 1970s. In an intergenerational dialogue, we try to tell the story of modern Italian horror, inviting young and very young people to speak (Paolo Strippoli, Andrew Corsini, Frederic Russotto), authors in maturity (Paola Randi) and master like Pupi Avati. An opportunity to make different generations and perspectives speak to each other, able to talk about anxieties, traumas and gray areas of life. Producers are also among the participants. Marina Marzotto AND Georgia Priolo. Short films will be screened during the meeting belle (Italy, 2022) Federico Russotto e wild (Italy, 2019) Andrea Corsini. Admission is free subject to availability.

(photo from Piove by Paolo Strippoli)

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