House by the Sea: the Italian film produced by ChatGPT, for which we asked for a good story at the box office

OpenAI is responding to our request to create a story for an Italian film that is sure to be a box office hit.

By now you must have heard about GPT Chats. Developed by OpenAI, non-profit organization is artificial intelligence online where you can ask any questions in several languages. The concept is not far from what the virtual assistants Siri, Alexa and Google do, but the ability to process information, analyze and Reply in GPT chat it’s much more difficult. It’s still a prototype, and it’s interesting to test it at the moment, but it’s true that it could be the germ of a technology in the not-too-distant future. Not necessarily as evil as is almost always depicted in science fiction films.

GPT chat comes up with the plot of an Italian movie

But, about cinemawe wanted to ask the exact question GPT Chats. Like all those who tried its effectiveness with the most disparate questions, to which the artificial intelligence answered with full knowledge of the facts and with more than a decent vocabulary, we too appealed to its “omniscience”, asking: “Please, (a little politeness does not hurt car), creates the plot of an Italian film that may have some success at the box office“. Below find the answerexactly as it was formulated by Chat GPT.

The film is called “House by the Sea”.

This is a romantic comedy that tells the story of Martina, a young architect living in Milan. After a series of heartbreaks, Martina decides to take a break from city life and spend the summer by the sea in the old family home inherited from her grandmother. As soon as she arrives at the beach house, Martina meets her neighbor, a charming fisherman named Carlo. Despite social and cultural differences, a strong attraction develops between them, which soon develops into a passionate love story.

But not everything is easy for Martina and Carlo. Indeed, Martina’s father, a wealthy building contractor, disapproves of his daughter’s relationship with a man he considers “below his rank”. In addition, a foreign real estate company is interested in buying Martina’s beach house and building a luxury resort complex in its place. Martina and Carlo team up to protect their home and lifestyle from the forces of change and greed.

The story of La Casa al Mare is a romantic comedy that explores universal themes such as love, family, belonging, and change. The film is set in an idyllic and picturesque setting with breathtaking views of the sea and the Italian countryside. The soundtrack includes popular Italian and foreign songs, conveying the carefree and romantic atmosphere of summer by the sea.

With a cast of acclaimed actors and experienced directing, Casa al Mare could have been a success at the Italian and international box office, becoming a modern classic of the Italian romantic comedy.

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