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Post: The building of the first Yeltsin museum in Yekaterinburg caught fire at night


Fire trucks. archive photo

The building of the first Yeltsin museum in Yekaterinburg caught fire at night

EKATERINBURG, 22 March – RIA Novosti. Administrative building 16, Comintern Street in Yekaterinburg, home to RIA Novosti, Boris Yeltsin’s first museum, burned in an area of ​​50 “squares” Wednesday night, with arson said to be the primary cause of the fire. At the press service of the regional directorate of the Ministry of Emergencies.

According to the department, the message about the fire was received by the rescuers at 01.13 (23.13 Moscow time), the fire was extinguished at 02.21 (00.21 Moscow time).

At the site of a fire in a private residential building in the Voronovskoye settlement in New Moscow - RIA Novosti, 1920, 22.03.2023

4 people died in a fire in an apartment in Moscow.

“In an area of ​​50 square meters, the bodies of Kia Rio, Skoda Octavia and Porsche Cayenne cars, the facade and roof of an 8-storey administrative building were damaged. 9 pieces of equipment, 29 personnel participated in the efforts to extinguish the fire,” said the head office.

“The primary cause of the fire is arson, operational and investigative measures will be implemented there, there are no victims,” ​​the Ministry of Emergency Situations also told RIA Novosti.

Judging by the data of cartographic companies, according to local media, there are 85 organizations in the building, some of which belong to the Yeltsin Foundation, the Ural “Monument” * was recently moved there. Earlier, the head of Memorial * in Yekaterinburg, Alexei Mosin, in a meeting with RIA Novosti did not confirm that they were rented in this building, but later the local press reported how the organization moved to the Comintern, 16.

Ambulance - RIA Novosti, 1920, 20.03.2023

A child died in a fire in the Irkutsk region

Source: Ria

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