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Post: Milos Bikovic: I am proud to work with Russian and Hollywood actors


MOSCOW, March 23 – RIA Novosti, Anna Nekhaeva. The series “Balkan Wind” aired on the Internet Action movie about Belgrade crime boss Petar Marash. The project was produced by Milos Bikovich and played the main role. In an interview with RIA Novosti, he talked about how he works with Hollywood stars, what it’s like to be a “cultural bridge” between Serbia and Russia, whether he feels at home here, and he also shot and participated in the movie “Challenge”. new “Kholop”.

– What interests you about “Balkan Wind”? Why did you want to play Petar again?

— The story itself, told in several South Wind projects, inspires me a lot. “Balkan Wind” is a part of the whole, but also an independent series. I think any player in it gets a high-quality material, “meat” that you can play with.

Many artists I know from their other work in cinema will appear here in new roles.

Filming of the series “Balkan Wind” - RIA Novosti, 1920, 21.03.2023
Filming of the series “Balkan Wind”

How has your character changed? What new character traits were you interested in playing?

– Petar Maras was a good boy and at one point he found himself one foot in the criminal world. There is logic as hell, if you want to save yourself you have to dig deeper. Unfortunately, when Petar realizes this, he can’t do anything anymore. Every effort brings him closer to the point of no return.

– Who are the Hollywood races playing there? Was it difficult to agree on their participation?

“They have current and former representative roles working on behalf of companies in various fields. It wasn’t hard to come to an agreement. It was only necessary to fulfill certain conditions.

But there were nuances in the preparation, because our creative team can discuss anything with the artist if a representative has already been interviewed. You can’t do this with Hollywood people, the communication is only during the shoot, there is no direct contact before you arrive. You have to get used to it. And working with them is a pleasure.

Filming of the series “Balkan Wind” - RIA Novosti, 1920, 21.03.2023
Filming of the series “Balkan Wind”

– Were there any funny incidents during filming?

-There’s a scene in an episode of South Wind where I play with an older actor that I respect a lot. He threatens me in this scene. And I am currently connected to a medical device that monitors my heart rate and pressure.

When my partner puts pressure on me, this device makes some annoying noises and prevents us from shooting. I had to ask the nurse to turn it off. He looks at me cautiously as if I’m sick and says, “Are you okay?” he asks. I said yes”. He: “Your heart rate and pressure are rising very sharply.”

This actor and I looked at each other and thought: this is what happened to us while we were living our roles!

Filming of the series “Balkan Wind” - RIA Novosti, 1920, 21.03.2023
Filming of the series “Balkan Wind”

— What decisions or achievements are you proud of as a project producer?

– For example, an agreement with Russian partners, producers, actors and, of course, also with Hollywood. I had to solve crisis situations, there are always a lot of them when shooting on the spot. But the most important thing is the team. We are the four main producers of the Serbian part of this project and have been together for a long time. Our friendship, our relationship seems like a special success to me because teamwork led to success.

– You said a few years ago that you wanted to be a “cultural bridge” between Serbia and Russia. Do you think it is successful?

– It has no beginning and no end, this work continues at full speed. I recommend it to Serbian players in Russia and Russian players in Serbia. I contact agencies and producers, we co-produce. I introduce colleagues to each other. I’m bringing the Russians to Belgrade, the Serbs to Moscow. Filmed projects are “Balkan Frontier”, “Hotel Belgrade”, “Balkan Wind”.

Shot from the movie Hotel Belgrade
Shot from the movie Hotel Belgrade
A still from the movie Balkan Frontier

– About Magomayev, whom you played, they said: “We are relatively foreigners, but we are here [в России] own”. How does this manifest for you?

To the attention of the audience, journalists, colleagues. Attitude towards people who were not born here but are considered their own. This feeling is very valuable and has become the essence.

– Tell us about the sequel to Kholop. What is the difference between the first movie and the second movie?

– “Kholop 2” is just like “Kholop” but better. Filming has just begun. The difference is that this is a completely different project. Incomparable.

Kholop - actor Milos Bikovich in the movie RIA Novosti, 1920, 21.03.2023
Actor Milos Bikovich in the movie “Kholop”

Yes, the characters are familiar, there was no need to make a casting from scratch, some places also had to be searched. But the rest is a completely new project. Another historical period. Elements of the first episode that the audience loved remain, but the plot and story are not the same at all.

I see Aglaya Tarasova as a great comedian, she has this talent and you will see it in the new “Kholop”!

Shot from the movie Kholop
Actor Milos Bikovic in the movie Kholop
Actor Milos Bikovic in the movie Kholop

– Another expected picture – “Fight”. Who is your hero?

– My character is interesting to me because he is much calmer than me and better understands what he wants. The stingy is played with colors – so we decided with the director.

How did you get into the picture?

– I once said to Klim Shipenko: “Listen, this movie is already in the history of cinema. Let me run there in any role, at least in the third plan.” He agreed. And then he was offered one of the main roles. And I canceled other projects because this movie was a priority for me. I am so glad to see Klim again (we are friends after all) and to shoot with him again.

A still from the movie Challenge - RIA Novosti, 1920, 21.03.2023
Shot from the movie “The Challenge”

– Do you regret not having a chance to visit space on your own?

– Of course I regret it. This is incredible luck, a once-in-a-lifetime miracle. But I’m grateful to be a part of the movie. And I am proud to meet Klim and Yulia Peresild, whom I see as real heroes. Heroism may be in our business, but in extreme cases. And this is the same situation.

But have you experienced weightlessness yet? What was the most important thing for you in the role?

– The most important thing is to understand the feelings and thoughts of the character. This is the biggest challenge. You can’t compare it to space travel. But I was in an airplane where astronauts were training, falling, feeling weightless, spinning in a centrifuge – an incredible experience, for which I am very, very grateful to fate.

Backdrop of the filming of Challenge
A still from the movie Challenge
Shooting Challenge

– Now, from which countries do movie offers mainly come from?

Everything is as before. Contacted from Europe, but nothing serious so far. People who interest me and whose work and approach I like are preferred.

– You said you refused to appear in Hollywood movies. From where?

Actor Milos Bikovich at the closing ceremony of the 43rd Moscow International Film Festival at the Musical Theater
Actor Milos Bikovich on the set of I Want to Get Married
Actor Milos Bikovic

— I’m not sure if it’s Hollywood movies. More like a Western. He refused because a lot of things are filmed in the West. And it’s not always good. Sometimes they have a specific message, let’s say it’s not art, there’s no constructiveness in it. It was flat and I didn’t like it. These movies are everywhere. I didn’t like what was written there and how it was designed, so I rejected it.

“Balkan Wind” is broadcast on Okko.

Oksana Kravchuk and Fyodor Bondarchuk on the set of the TV series Actresses - RIA Novosti, 1920, 16.03.2023

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