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Post: Big brother Vip, Jaele De Dona blabbed: “I wish he won”


Jaele De Dona reveals who would like him to win the seventh edition of Big Brother Vip.

The expectation for this is growing Final Big Brother Vipit will go broadcast April 3, 2023 on Canale 5. Who will be winner seventh edition? At the moment Fighting for the title are Oriana Marzoli, Micol Incorvaia and Jaele De Dona.but other competitors will join them.

Jael De Don’s revelation about Gf Vip winner

Oriana Marzoli, Micol Incorvaia and Jaele De Dona became the first official finalists of the seventh edition of Big Brother Vip.. Just Bradford’s wife, who surprisingly beat Antonella Fiordelisi in the televote during the final series, told her playmates she wished he was Edoardo Tavassi wins:

If they came to tell me who I want to win? Of course, I would say. But after myself, I would not say Mikola or Orian, although I am their close friend. I would say Tavassi, because I know what problems he has, he told me about them. For him, the economic side is now important. Plus you spent so much on this program, you gave it your all. You did another reality show and one step away from the final you had to withdraw, so it would be nice if you won. Not because I love others less or they deserve it less. But on the economic side, which I’m sorry to say, I would like you to be the winner. And you don’t even have to justify your problems, Edoardo.

According to Biccy, Jael’s revelation surprised Tavassi who, after thanking her for the kind words addressed to her, confessed that she wanted to end her journey on gs vip together with your beloved Mikol:

I dreamed of going and turning off the lights, Mikol and I. One way or another one of the two wins and I’m happy. I’m honest, I’m not lying, I want to win, Mikol is not offended, and I know it, she knows everything […] Then, if they told me: “You would rather win a GF or a relationship with Mikol”, I would prefer my love story.

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