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Post: Big Brother Vip, favorite to win according to bookmakers: here are the odds


The longest edition of Big Brother Vip will end on Monday, April 3, 2023. Who will win: Luca Onestini, Nikita Pelizon, Micol Incorvaia, Jaele De Dona, Oriana Marzoli, Alberto De Pisis and Edoardo Tavassi?

Monday, April 3, 2023 will complete the longest issue Big Brother VIP, the seventh format in the VIP version of the Mediaset reality show. At the moment the vipponi is still in the game: Luca Onestini, Nikita Pelison, Jaele De Dona, Micol Incorvaia, Oriana Marzoli, Alberto De Pisis and Edoardo Tavassi.

Gf Vip: the winner of the draw, here are the odds of the bookmakers

Mikol, Oriana and Jaele they have already won the final, and other wipponies will be appointed in the next meetings, ready to win the scepter.

Who favorite of the contest for the final victory? Let’s take a look at the odds of the bookmakers, which have always been fundamental to understanding the trend of the polls and higher odds to determine the winner.

On the Snai board he stands out Oriana Marzoli listed at 1.75. In second placeEdoardo Tavassi listed at 3.00, on the third, Mikol Inkorvaya. In fourth place Nikita associated with Jaele DeDona. The odds increase significantly when it comes to a hypothetical victory. Alberto De Pisis, Luca Onestini (both listed at 15.00) Andrea Maestrelli and Milena Miconi (last from 25.00)

As for Golbet, the odds are very similar. Always first Oriana Marzolito the second Tavassi and others Nikita With Mikol. close, Andrea Maestrelli.

On Better we still find Marzoli is in first place, followed by Tavassi and, closing the podium, Nikita and Mikol.. In this case, to close Milena Mikoni. Also on Better Oriana it used to be heels from Tavassi. Trackand Mikol and Nikita.

According to the bookmakers, therefore, there would be no doubt that winner 7th Edition: Conquer the Scepter girlfriend vip 7 would be a Venezuelan influencer, Oriana Marzoli.

gs vip is waiting for us with two more scheduled meetings next Monday 27 March and Monday 3 April, final date.

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