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Post: Vip’s big brother, Oriana Marzoli after an argument with Luca Onestini: “I’m afraid that Daniele Dal Moro is not for me”


Oriana Marzoli reveals herself with Milena Miconi after a heated confrontation with Luca Onestini at Gf Vip.

behavior of Luca Onestiniwho jokingly asked her to choose between winning and Daniele Dal MoroIt has destabilized Oriana Marzoli. Speaking to Milena Mikoni, actually finalist of the seventh edition of Big Brother Vip he did not hide his disappointment towards your friend.

Fear of Oriana Marzoli

In the last hours Oriana Marzoli and Luca Onestini are the protagonists of a tough showdown at Big Brother’s VIP house. The two competitors then gave clarifications, but the Venezuelan influencer, according to Biccy, told Milena Miconi that he was serious. worries that Daniele Dal Moro might decide he doesn’t need her anymore see after the program ends:

He put me in trouble and it’s not done! He knows well that I am afraid that Daniele is not waiting for me. Why do I need it? Especially with a person who passed away in a certain way and when we were far apart and I couldn’t say goodbye. He really told me: “Choose between winning the Grand Prix and the story with Daniele, whatever you choose will happen.” I would like both, but then I can’t just say, “I choose Daniele.” Because I would have chosen to be engaged to Daniele, but that wasn’t the case here. So I do not have a win and an engagement on two banks, but a victory and an initial acquaintance with a thousand doubts about what will happen. Then sorry who asked the question, I’m disappointed. I’m sick of this!

I could say, “Okay, this is a game, so kissing Nikita is just for the game.” No, he wouldn’t, because that would put him in an awkward position. Already this afternoon he came up to me and said that I didn’t talk to him much. Lately, when I was talking about Daniel, he told me that he was bored. So I didn’t want to be heavy. The day Daniele left, I cried, he came and went. He asked me how I was after five o’clock.

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