Post: Shazam! “The Fury of the Gods,” the director reveals how this cameo ties in with the first film.

David F. Sandberg commented on this precious cameo in the final scene of Shazam! Fury of the Gods, explaining how it relates to Zachary Levi’s first film.

Shazam! Fury of the gods it also featured another iconic DC Universe character and director David F. Sunberg commented on the meaning of this cameoswhat happened during the final scene of the movie. Zachary Levy reprises the role of superhero Billy Batson along with the rest of the cast (divided between very young and adults). A new adventure awaits young superheroes: the daughters of Atlas are determined to reclaim the powers that once belonged to their father, and for this they will have to face Shazam.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods, director comments on this cameo and how it ties in with the first film.

Attention: you will find below spoilers related to Shazam! Fury of the gods. The second film, starring Zachary Levi, hit theaters recently and is about a new adventure in the DC Universe. Despite Black Adams was not cast, director David F. Sunberg commented. cameo actually happened V final scene movie after the very first illusion. There amazing woman From Gal Gadot, essentially returns to the DC Universe to save Shazam, but just like the first movie, the second one doesn’t take the actress in question in a certain way, at least not in the first scene with Wonder Woman. Billy Batson dreams of a candlelight date with a brave warrior who is never seen in person, except when the wizard Shazam takes over instead. And this is a clear reference to the missing cameo from the first film: in the final scene, Freddie finally meets Superman, even if only the body framed from the chest down is the result of the latter. At that time, in fact, the film could not have involved Henry Cavill under the guise Man of Steel.

But with Shazam! Fury of the gods, after the first initial illusion, Wonder Woman does appear, and this time to interpret her is really Gal Gadot. To the microphones Collidersdirector said that episodic process Wonder Woman looked like Superman from the first movie. However, some trailers anticipated the appearance of Diana Prince in the film, although no one imagined his role as important. Actually, thanks to Diana, Shazam comes to life. At first, the director was afraid of the failure of the Wonder Woman cameo, so he already came up with Plan B:

The funny thing was, in the first movie, we were supposed to have Henry Cavill as Superman. When we were shooting this scene, they told me, “Henry is not coming, so let’s shoot with a stunt double and then we’ll find a way to shoot with him later.” At that point, I agreed and shot with a stunt double, but then Herney’s cameo was completely missed and we couldn’t shoot it the way we imagined. We only used this stunt image. Because of this, with Wonder Woman in the script, I was discouraged. I thought, “This will never happen.” Of course it made sense because of the mythology and everything, but I was sure that I would fail. Then, when we were filming, they told me the same thing again: shooting with an understudy, because the actress was not in Atlanta at that time. At this point, I came up with a plan B: can we make Helen Mirren’s character survive? Then it really happened, she came, and we filmed with her. It made me so happy.

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