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Post: Big Brother Vip, Raffaello Tonon vs. Nikita Pelison: “The Truth Comes Out”


Raffaello Tonon, a guest at the last Casa Pipol reception, spoke about some of the Vipponi from Gf Vip, including his friend Luca Onestini and Nikita Pelison.

Raffaello Tononguest at the last meeting House Pipoltalking about some Wipponi from gs vipincluding his friend Luca Onestini and Nikita Pelison.

Gf Vip, Raffaello Tonon: “If there was a man in Nikita’s place, he would definitely be disqualified”

Speaking of Lukewith whom Toton formed a deep bond after their adventure in Gf Vip in 2017, the former gieffino said:

“Usually friendships are born when you are a child, the ones you conceive and cultivate as a child and then continue with you. At the age of 38, I found Luka, who is not only a friend, but also a son, whom I found myself already an adult. To me, he is a son.”

Raffaello also talked about attitude Between Luka and Ivan Mrazova:

“Ivana will return with Onestini? I’ll tell you what, when their story ended, I never heard from her again, I’ll tell you the truth. After this release of Big Brother Vip, I still affirm my respect for you, I love you very much. But we have not heard anything from Ivana for a long time, it is useless to be hypocritical. Yesterday morning we wrote to each other and I expressed my desire to have dinner together, but fate will take them by the hand. I have been under a lot of pressure in recent months because I had a distant son, the handicap was strong. So I told her, “I would love to see the three of us at the table again, like Luka and I always did.” We are a family because of the problems, with all due respect to the press – and God bless the press and the news that comes out – we talk at the table, in private.

About attitude Nikita Pelizon vs. LukaA 43-year-old man from Milan said:

“If there was a man instead of Nikita, he would definitely be disqualified, because they would say that there is a way to do something completely wrong. They would say that he was forced. come out… it came to light.”

Thonon he also mentioned the name of who he would like to name the winner of the seventh draw:

“I hope Onestini or Alberto De Pisis win. Despite the demons, you can see it in the eyes, he reached the core, he ate the apple before there with the desire to live without pity. And this is an encouragement for those who find it difficult to live and they objectively do it. I think it did him good because he realized he needed help.”

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