The Huntsman and the Snow Queen, the prequel film to Snow White and the Huntsman, tonight on Italia 1

Tonight, Italia 1 will broadcast The Huntsman and the Snow Queen, the spin-off prequel to Snow White. Let’s find out together the plot, the cast and some curiosities.

tonight Italy 1 at 21.20 will be broadcast Hunter and Snow Queen, a prequel film to Snow White and the Huntsman, inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s famous fairy tale about the Brothers Grimm and the Snow Queen. In film Chris Hemsworth AND Charlize Theron they return to play the roles of the hunter and queen of Ravenna from the first film.

The Hunter and the Snow Queen – plot, cast and some oddities about the movie, released tonight

Spin-off and prequel Snow White and the Huntsman Hunter and Snow Queen Chronicles of events that took place many years before those told in the film adaptation of the fairy tale with Kristen Stewart in the title role. In today’s broadcast, we will learn the story of Freya (Emily Blunt), younger sister of Ravenna (Shaliz Theron), fell in love with a young man and is expecting a girl. Their joy is interrupted by an evil sister who hatches a devious plan to prevent the two young people from escaping.

The tragedy that befell Freya awakens in her the ability to control the ice and, having lost everything, she retreats to the northern kingdoms, where she establishes her stronghold. Still mourning the loss of her child, Freya begins to kidnap children from neighboring kingdoms and train them in the art of war. Among the orphans are two children of Eric (Chris Hemsworth) and Sarah (Jessica Chastain), who once grew up, become the best soldiers of the ice queen, and also fall in love with each other and decide to run away together, but Freya will interfere with their plan in every possible way…

When it came out in theaters snow White in 2012 the movie was supposed to have a sequel, always starring Kristin Stewart AND Rupert Sanders director, but because of the scandal with both of them, who became lovers during the filming of the film, the project was closed and decided to concentrate on the figure of the Hunter performed by Chris Hemsworth. In the sequel, he returns Charlize Theron how the evil Ravenna and the actress initially withdrew from the film due to a lower fee offered than Hemsworth’s. The costumes for the film were made Academy Awardcostume designer Colin Atwood, winner of 3 Academy Awards. Despite all the best intentions, the sequel flopped at the box office so much that, on a $115 million budget, it grossed only $165 million.

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