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Post: Belen Rodriguez pregnant? Tip bodes well for fans


Like from Belen Rodriguez was enough for users to start believing that the Argentinean dancer was pregnant again.

Belen Rodriguez is expecting a third child. Here you are key what supporters of the Rodriguez-De Martino couple dream of.

Are Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino going to be parents again?

After Santiago De Martino and Luna Marie Spinalbese, Belen Rodriguez to give birth to third child? Rumors, in recent days, have been chasing each other. In fact, users have always been attentive to even the smallest details, and this case is no exception.

Wednesday, March 22, 2023 under the photo in black and white published by an Argentinean dancer, a subscriber asked her if she was pregnantand Rodriguez’s response gave fans hope.

In fact, the host Le Iene didn’t confirm or deny because she didn’t respond; However, it was enough that he put “I like” on the above comment to delight all supporters of the Rodriguez-De Martino couple.

After all, spouses – because they never officially broke up, even after they broke up – since they got back together for the second time, despite rumors of some alleged crisisthey are showing happier than ever. Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that Rodriguez and De Martino decided to have a second child together.

For now, however, everything is silent. We just have to wait for the immediate participants to tell us whether they will soon become parents for the second time or not.

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