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Post: “IVI” and “TOK” won the award of the Film and Television Producers Association


He received the award at a ceremony held at the Moscow World Trade Center. archive photo

MOSCOW, March 25 – RIA Novosti. serial movie “Elbrus. Point of no return” The documentary film studio “TOK”, which was broadcast exclusively for “Ivy”, was awarded the award. Film and Television Producers Association’s X Awards. The five-part film about the tragedy in 2021 with the mountaineers who decided to conquer Elbrus won the nomination for Best Documentary Series. The film was released exclusively to Evie on September 23, 2022, the anniversary of the tragedy.

Vadim Sokolovsky, manager of Ivy’s own production department, Ilya Burets, creative director of Ivy’s own production department, and Olga Anisimova, head of TOK studio, received the award at a solemn ceremony at the Moscow World Trade Center.

Creative producer Olga Anisimova
Creative producer Olga Anisimova

The multi-part film is based on interviews with event attendees, data from GPS trackers, and previously unpublished personal material of expedition members. A detailed and visually rich story will appeal not only to documentary film lovers, but also to people who are far from this genre.

The writers of the series spoke to both the expedition’s guides and survivors, as well as relatives of the victims. Therefore, the audience can look at what is happening from different angles and decide for themselves which side to take. The viewer will feel that the disaster did not end on that terrible day – the fate of many people has finally and irrevocably changed. Some have lost loved ones and are learning to live with that loss. Others are struggling to cope with the guilt and responsibility that fall on them and await the court’s decision in fear.

TOK team working on the film included TOK studio head, creative producer Olga Anisimova, director and screenwriter Kirill Verkhozin, screenwriter Kirill Kiryanov, cinematographer Vyacheslav Krasakov, executive producer Alexandra Grineva and editing director Stanislav Odrov.

The APKiT Award selected the best films and series premiered on TV and video services in 2021 and 2022, as well as the best films of the film distribution of these two years. The jury, which also includes the producers of the leading Russian film companies, members of APKiT, determined the winners from among 17 candidates.

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