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Post: Captain America Chris Evans’ body transformation


Have you ever wondered how Marvel Studios turned Chris Evans from a skinny Steve Rogers into a handsome Captain America? Here is the secret.

Chris Evans played Steve Rogers in Captain America – The First Avenger, a 2011 film directed by Joe Johnston that thus introduced one of the most beloved Avengers to the public. Chris Evans played his beloved Cap in three separate films and several ensemble films with the rest of the Avengers, but he chose to leave the stage with the other Avengers. Avengers: Endgame. And while Marvel audiences are already familiar with the new Captain America after what happened in Falcon and Winter Soldier, many still especially love their Steve Rogers. Does anyone remember one of curiosity the strongest associated with the first Captain America movie: how was the physical change achieved before and after the serum was introduced?

Captain America as Chris Evans made the skinniest version of Steve Rogers

One of Steve Rogers’ most important passages is dedicated to physical change, which occurred after the introduction of serum. Before becoming the superhero the world needed, Steve Rogers didn’t have a strong superhero physique, but how did this physical change come about? It was necessary to show before and after Captain America, making it more obvious through the physique, the result of exposure Super Soldier Serum. Steve Rogers was, in fact, the first super soldier created during World War II. According to ScreenRantAccording to reports from the MCU’s Captain America exhibit, before the serum, Steve Rogers weighed around 43kg and was 150cm tall. After taking it, he reached a height of 180 cm and a weight of 108 kg, showing the true physique of Chris Evans. But how did this sequence occur before and after the administration of the serum? Part of the merit belongs special effects. The CGI wonder hits the mark again. Thanks to special effects, Chris Evans also played a skinnier Steve Rogers, but with the support of another actor. Leander Dini it was a valuable help, in support Lola Visual Effectswho filmed the same scenes as Chris Evans, mimicking his performance to make it as uniform as possible.

The film crew then took a third take, but this time they photographed only the background, without the actors. The material was then handed over to Lola Visual Effects, who were tasked with creating a single final look by making Steve Rogers thinner. A while back, Chris Evans also revealed part of the process of getting his character downsized before the big transformation. “I’m on screen most of the time, just a smaller version. If, on the other hand, I am sitting or lying down and there is no movement, then they have placed my head on a more subtle body.” This is where Leander Dini comes into play.

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