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Post: M3GAN, the killer doll, also becomes a model


Having captivated screen audiences as the new AI killer doll, M3GAN has also become a model for Marc Jacobs.

M3GAN keep talking about yourself. Waiting to know more about the already confirmed sequel, killer doll equipped with artificial intelligence, was even chosen as model. The figure, in fact, as one of the main characters of the last Sky Campaign From Marc Jacobs. Can the charm of M3GAN go unnoticed? Apparently not, and this is proven by the brand that turned the killer doll into the perfect one. style icon.

M3GAN, from killer doll to model for Marc Jacobs

That M3GAN cares about his style is a fact. Always flawless appearance carefully chosen by Gemma (Allison Williams), an artificial intelligence doll caught the attention of Marc Jacobs and became a model for a day, posing for new photo session quickly shared via social media the brand in question. The doll wears a sweatshirt with a huge skull in the center, a denim skirt, and knee-length black leather boots. The one that M3GAN suggested is certainly a more unusual look than the ones shown in the horror movie, but it suits her perfectly.

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The interest generated by M3GAN should come as no surprise. The horror movie hit theaters in early January 2023, and the AI ​​doll has rightfully entered pop culture ever since. Produced James Wan AND Jason Bloomthe director sees the film Gerard Johnston and in the cast, in addition to Allison Williams, appear Violet McGraw, Ronnie Chieng, Amy Donald AND Jenna Davis. The director spoke about the successes achieved ScreenRant why M3GAN likes it so much:

I think most of the success is due to her. Precisely because it is so disturbing, but never repulsive. The whole definition of Uncanny Valley is that it’s repulsive, but it’s the complete opposite. It’s intriguing and charming and I think people love it. It’s so funny, and that was my goal when I agreed to make this film: I wanted to make it as funny as possible. I loved writing dialogue for her, thinking about all the things she could do, and the reaction from the audience was so nice. It’s not a perfect movie, I’m sure a lot of people could tear it apart, but I think it’s an entertaining and crazy movie in its own way.

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