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Post: Men and women, Desdemona Balzano criticizes the program: “I know you’re used to fake stories…”


Former Men and Women face Desdemona Balzano has returned to speak about the program on social media in unflattering terms. That’s what he said.

From Man and woman In recent months, there are several characters who have been kicked out by the dating show host. Channel 5 Maria DeFilippi: one of them is a lady throne over Desdemona Balzano. The lady, in fact, was the main character of a very hot episode, during which both The incarnation of Armando is Gianni Sperti revealed important information about his stay in the program.

Men and women, Desdemona Balzano criticizes the program

According to the knight and the reviewer, they actually received some messages showing that Desdemona had a manager outside the program and that her intention to stay on the dating show as long as possible, citing as an excuse an “emotional block” towards the gentleman she was dating, Joseph – to get more visibility and popularity. Also John it turned out that in the profile Desdemona there was an announcement about a service offered by a lady who, for a fee, will answer the questions of 50 lucky people and talk about her experience in participating in the program. Desdemona at first he tried to justify himself, denying even when among the evidence Armando an incriminating audio recording appeared in which she identified the program Maria DeFilippi “shoddy program, not the same as before.”

The lady was kicked out by the mistress of the house, but then she tried to return, apologizing and trying to regain her favor, but Mary was categorical: the goals for which Desdemona wanted to stay on the show, had nothing to do with the real purpose of the dating show, which is to find love, so the lady had to leave. A few days after his dismissal was aired, Desdemona Balzano she returned to talk via social media and revealed that he would sue Gianni and Armando for spreading anger against him.

Now, as the gossip site reports news alley, the lady returned to talking about herself and the program, sharply criticizing her … although until recently she was itching to stay there. In fact, on social media, he revealed that his story with Giuseppe continues and that, contrary to what is seen Man and womanthis is the real story:

“Difficult moments often bring out the best in people, and this autumn was a shock for us, which made us realize how strong our connection is. I know that Men and Women have taught you to fake relationships, but I will show you that our relationship is real.

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