Post: Diletta Leotta, pregnancy announcement sparks a storm of negative comments

DAZN host Diletta Leotta and partner Loris Karius have announced they are expecting their first child. However, as is often the case, the news was the subject of comments and criticism from the haters. Let’s see what happened together.

As many suspected Diletta Leotta she is pregnant with her first child from her partner Loris Karius: The couple broke the good news with a cute video on Friday, March 24th.

Diletta Leotta is pregnant, but the news causes criticism and hatred

Rumors swirled for weeks that the DAZN host was pregnant: latest weekly photos of her with her partner, the New Castle footballer Loris Karius they found a roundness at the height of the abdomen, indicating that the couple was expecting, but until yesterday, Friday, March 24, they never confirmed the pregnancy.

Instead, surprisingly, with a touching video posted on Instagram, Diletta Leotta AND Loris Karius They said that they will soon become parents:

“There’s something we need to tell you… but you already know? We’re exploding with joy! We and the stomach!”

The caption that accompanies the video announcement reads: The two parents-to-be received a torrent of well wishes and positive comments, many people from sports and entertainment wanted to congratulate them, but among the comments were those negatives: as is often the case, haters decide to make their voices heard, criticizing the couple’s decision to have a child, given that some felt they had known each other for too little time. In fact, under the video you can read words like: “You didn’t waste any time… but how can you have a child after only 5 months of being together?!” and others like this. The couple came out of the closet during the Christmas period when they flew to Sicily for a formal introduction to the family Diletta Leottabut they have been dating since October, when the first joint photographs appeared.

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