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Post: Mean Girls – Jon Hamm in the cast of the musical film


The musical adaptation of the 2000s cult hit “Mean Girls” welcomes new addition to the cast, Jon Hamm – the unforgettable Don Draper from “Mad Men”. So, let’s find out the details of his role.

L’musical adaptation of Mean Girls welcomes new cast member Jon Hamm – famous face of Don Draper in the series Madmen. So let’s find out the details role which will cover the star.

Mean Girls is a generational cult ready to return in a new guise

Mean Girls loosely based on Broadway musicals eponymous – 2017 production – in turn based on the 2000s generation cult with Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert. In this new version Jon Hamm will take on the roleCoach Carr, physical education teacher and head of the sex education course. Anguri Rice will play the main character Cady Charon, while the school’s three “queen bees” known as Barbie will be played by Rene Rapp, Bebe Wood and Avantika Vandanapa. Then they complete throw Aulie Cravalho, Jacquel Spivey, Christopher Briney, Busy Philipps, Tim Meadow, Jenna Fischer, Mahi Alam, Connor Ratcliffe and Tina Fey.

Tina Feyoutside reprise the role of the 2004 cult hit – played Miss Norbury – also wrote musical film script. The actress has also been working on Broadway musical projectalong with Jeff Richmond and Nell Benjamin, who wrote the music and lyrics for the soundtrack, respectively. There 2004 film was created by Tina Fey starting from the book Queen bees and wannabes Rosalind Wiesenman. The plot of the novel—and thus the film adaptation—revolved around Cady Charon’s attempt to be among the most popular girls in the high school she enrolled in, at first to flatter them but gradually become like them. There direction edits it instead Arthur Perez Jr. – already behind the scenes of some music videos – e Samantha Hayne.New adaptation Mean Girls debuts in streaming on Paramount+ – owned by Paramount Pictures, the project’s production company – in one date not yet determined. Jon Hamm – with a career between major productions and independent projects under his belt – recently appeared in Top: Gun Maverick. In a relationship Mean Girls – MusicalIt remains only to wait for further updates.

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