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Post: Marriage of Laura Pausini and Paolo Map: Proposal 11 years ago. That’s why they waited so long


Paolo Carta proposed to Laura Pausini in 2012; however, the couple only got married that year.

Laura Pausini and Paolo Carta got married this year.However proposal received eleven years ago. This cause such a long wait.

Laura Pausini and Paolo Carta: Offered in 2012.

After eighteen years of love Laura Pausini and her partner Paolo Carta got married. A few days after the publication on the website of the municipality of Rome, surprisingly, the singer and guitarist wanted to say “yes” in the presence of all his loved ones and, above all, his daughter Paola. And it was the latter, dressed in white, who wore the rings.

When Pausini and Map they discovered that they would soon become parents, they have already decided that they will get married on the day when their children can wear rings. And indeed it would that’s why the couple waited so long before marriage. After all, marriage proposal received eleven years agoshortly before the world famous artist found out about her pregnancy.

From what I can see from Instagram, the musician would have asked Pausini to marry him back in 2012, shortly after divorcing his wife and mother of his first three children. However, these two, having learned about the arrival of a son, would rather wait a few years before crowning this dream of love so that they can also fulfill the dream of seeing him or her walk towards them with their wedding rings.

Thus, their wish came true on Wednesday, March 22, 2023, in Solarolo, in Emilia-Romagna. Although the bride and groom were dressed simply, they chose decidedly unconventional ringsthose. thinner than classical and indestructible faiths, because titanium, symbol of eternal love. Even their honeymoon will not be traditional, given that Pausini has announced a world tour that will return to the most important stages.

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