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Post: Men and women, Marco Fantini answers fans’ questions: “I think I’ve crossed the line…”


Marco Fantini and Beatriz Valli are expecting their third daughter and decided to answer a few social media questions from fans. Let’s see what they said together.

Marco Fantini AND Beatrice Valli are among the most beloved couples who have left the program Man and woman Where Marco he was a throne and chose in the end Beatrice as his partner. While, Beatrice she did not know if she would be the choice, fearing that already having a child, Alessandro, Marco may also be unprepared to take on the responsibilities of the child’s adoptive father. And yet, years after that choice, Marco he showed that he loves his Beatrice very much and created a wonderful family with her: after the kids Azzurra and Bianca, now they will have a fourth child.

Men and women, Marco Fantini answers questions from fans on social media

The former tronist decided to answer a few questions from fans on Instagram and revealed that would like to attend the birthscheduled for April, which he also spoke about Beatrice Valli A few weeks ago. Tronista also said that at the moment they still don’t have an exact idea of ​​a name, even if they would like to stay within the “flowers”:

“Eh, we haven’t decided on a name yet. We’re a little undecided, one of them is Matilda, then Blue or Alba and Celeste, even if we drop the last one. It depends on how she was born, because she hasn’t appeared yet.”

His wife jokingly said that despite having four children, Marco often feels lonely, so after this fourth addition… can there be anything else? But here jockeys was categorical:

“No no. I think I crossed the line and averaged.”

In fact, the couple does not intend to expand the family even further at the moment, also because they would like to start traveling again and return to Africa, perhaps even with children. Among other questions to which Marco Fantini he caught himself answering that he was asked when he got it Beatrice she was the right woman:

“I didn’t get it the first day. I got it when we ate pizza together at home. Remember? I brought pizza home for you and Alya. We weren’t on the program. You annoyed me on the program.”

Taking out his wife’s annoyance with the last sentence, but also making it clear how happy and accomplices they are.

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