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Post: Big Brother Whip, Edoardo Donnamaria’s gesture towards Clicia Incorvaia and Antonella’s pleased reaction


The social move of Edoardo Donnamaria after the end of his adventure in Gf Vip against Clizia Incorvaia, the campaign of his friend Paolo Chavarro.

Recent gesture by Edoardo Donnamaria immediately made noise on the network about the alleged end of friendship: the one that tied up the former protagonist vip girlfriend to your friend’s girlfriend Paolo Chavarro, Clicia Incorvaia. In fact, Donnamaria has stopped following ex Giffina and her sister Micol on Instagram.

Gf Vip, Edoardo Donnamaria and an eloquent gesture towards Clizia Incorvaia

A gesture that was appreciated Antonella Fiordelisi which in turn gave a good like to whoever pointed out the social move Donna Maria on Twitter.

The reasons most likely could be related to a recent interview clicia To House Who. There Korvaya indeed stated that after the disqualification Edward the last one he met Paul but she kept her distance and decided further Antonella “know-it-all and insolent.”

“Edoardo came up to the house to say hello to Paolo, I greeted him of course, but the boys were talking to each other. he declared Clicia Incorvaia To House Who and talk about sister Mikolawarded as a finalist, also added:

“The answer is that this company is fed up with arrogant, presumptuous people. The public needs educated people, elegant in soul, and Mikol’s answer is diametrically opposite to her. Antonella is know-it-all and aggressive”

clicia also determined the history between Edoardo and Antonella as a toxic relationship:

“I can tell what my impression and idea of ​​feelings are. Love should make you happy, especially in the early years. Instead, they are bound by drama, conflict, and suffering. In my opinion, this is a toxic relationship, but it is better for a therapist to talk about it. Antonella? What I can say is that this behind the back conversation certainly makes women jealous. Envy between women is very common. He teams up with Oriana and speaks badly of Mikola.”

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