Post: Vip’s big brother, Wilma Goich shoots zero against Antonella Fiordelisi: “Immature and spoiled by a bad relationship with Edoardo”

Wilma Goich, in an interview with the radio program Non Succederà Più, sharply criticized Antonella Fiordelisi, her former adventure partner in Gf Vip.

Wilma Goich radio show interview This will not happen againshe rushed at Antonella Fiordelisi his former adventure partner vip girlfriend.

Gf Vip, Wilma Goich vs. Antonella Fiordelisi

Speaking about the removal of an influencer from Campania, the singer said:

“In Antonella’s departure, which I was glad about because I really couldn’t handle her, there were some things behind it. She is very childish, immature. She was very spoiled by her parents and, like all spoiled children, she wants everything. she went out she got mad at her parents. What then, the mother incited the fans, saying to release her because she had already been voted less than the others. Knowing that she would not win, she said “it’s better to release her earlier” … so protect her, he protected her by votes, yes. She was already outvoted by others. Her mother, discovering this, first tried to write to Berlusconi…”

Harsh words also in relation to relations with Edoardo Donnamaria:

“My parents ran everything, everything, even planes. A bad feeling arose between Edoardo and Antonella. There was jealousy on both sides. he hated to death because he thought there was something and instead everything was built to make him jealous. They said it boldly. Outside, I want him to strike a balance, where real life and other things take over. He is much more square. He already lives alone, works, is independent, he has a different mindset. He also has other friends. She has “stupid” friends just like her. Otherwise, she could not get along with other people. decide.”

wilma also talked about parents Antonella and a complaint against an ex-boyfriend Gianluca Benincas:

“They have already made a big mistake by not allowing Gianluca Benincasa to enter. There, they could really weigh history and see what happened. then they should try. How did he pursue Antonella if she had been in the house for four months? They probably reported him for what he posted on Instagram. By not allowing Gianluca to enter, they failed – because it was a sensation – Signorini Alfonso actually said “they burned my scoop”.

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