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Post: Farewell to Ivano Marescotti, one of the most beloved names in Italian cinema and television.


Ivano Marescotti, one of the most beloved actors of Italian cinema, theater and television, passed away yesterday – March 26 – at the age of 77. Among his most iconic roles are roles in the films “Johnny Stecchino” and “Cado dalle nubi” with Cecco Zalone.

Ivan Marescottirenowned film and television actor and renowned theater director, he turned off Yesterday – 26 Marchat 77 years old. Actually, it’s been for days admitted to Ravenna Civil Hospitaldue to the deterioration of his physical condition due to serious illness – about which, however, at the moment the nature and details are not known. Active since the 80s, he found again new popularity in recent years, acting together Cecco Zalone V I’m falling from the clouds AND What a beautiful day.

Ivano Marescotti – Career between film, theater and television

Ivan Marescotti he was one of the most famous and highly regarded faces – by critics and the public – in contemporary film and television. However, his approach to acting takes place around the age of thirty-five. After worked for ten years as a clerk in the city planning office actually he is fired. Trying to find another way, he entered the DAMS of Bologna and started theater career. A leap into the dark, which, however, leads him to collaborate with the greatest directors: Mario Martone, Carlo Cecchi, Giorgio Albertazzi and Giampiero Solari.

V 1989 going on film debutwith a small role in it Belt. Since then he participated in about 130 projects between the big and small screen, also playing a role in international productionMr Ripley’s Talent, Hannibal Ridley Scott e King Arthur Antoine Fuqua. Directors of the caliber of Roberto Benigini, Daniele Luchetti, Marco Risi, Carlo Mazzacurati and Gabriele Muccino, his name is inextricably linked with iconic and distant characters such as Randazzo in Johnny StecchinoAlex’s dad Jack Frusciante left the band And sullen and unapologetic Northern League V I’m falling from the clouds. On television, he took part in many works of fiction, including Octopus 6 AND high school students, in which he plays Professor Gualtiero Cavicchioli. TO February 2022 He then announced his on social media leaving the stage:

Following the example of Jack Nicholson, who retired from the stage at 73 (you need to have a model…) to enjoy old age, I announce that I am retiring and am no longer an actor.

In a post in which he thanked his agent Maria Vittoria Grimaudo, journalists, critics and fellow actors, he anticipated his working future, i.e. continue teaching acting at the TAM academy (Theater of the Academy Marescotti). During his career, he has received numerous awards and recognitions, including six Silver Ribbon nominations. Let her go Eric’s wifegot married just a year ago, and daughter of the Iliadborn from a previous marriage.

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