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Post: Jeremy Renner, actor, takes his first steps after the accident in a video shared with fans


Jeremy Renner is getting better and better and has shared a video with his fans in which he shows his first walking success thanks to the help of the device. Let’s see the details together.

Two months have passed since the tragic accident involving the actor Jeremy Renner: on the morning of January 1, 2023, in fact, renner while trying to help his nephew, who was stuck in his car due to snow, he was hit by a snow plow weighing more than 6500 kg.

Jeremy Renner takes his first steps in a video posted to social media

Initial police reports indicated that renner did not activate the emergency brake when he got off the snowplow to free his nephew’s car, and that once he realized the snowcat was in danger of running over the car, he tried to turn back to block it, but the device he was carrying caught it. According to rescue reports, the actor suffered serious injuries ranging from a broken chest to serious leg injuries, totaling more than 30 broken bones.. Helicopter to the nearest hospital renner he underwent two emergency operations that saved his life. Since then, the actor has been sharing updates on his condition and improvements with fans, although a long wait is still required for full hospitalization.

Star Avengers posted a video on his Instagram profile in which show first stepswhen walking on an anti-gravity treadmill, a medical device that allows the user to walk with less strain on the lower body and leg muscles. The actor in the video confirmed that he can now walk, but only thanks to this special treadmill, because it allows him to move at a lower percentage of his body weight.

General hospitalization for Jeremy Renner, no matter how hard the actor tries, he is still far from full recovery and the first reports of doctors spoke of a period of at least two years until full recovery. Regardless, it’s comforting to see that renner he hasn’t given up and continues to update his fans on his condition, time after time showing the improvements he’s getting through physiotherapy and muscle stimulation. In the caption to the posted video renner she also shared her thoughts on her progress and how much rest her body needs now:

“Now that I’ve found something to keep me busy, it’s time for my body to rest and recover, regardless of my will”

Last week, renner he also shared the news of the snowplow’s “coming home” with a humorous post in which he forgave him for the accident and welcomed him back with open arms.

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