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Post: ‘War of the Worlds’ is back: here’s the trailer for ‘War of the Worlds: Attack’


The alien tripods who want to wipe out the human race are back from H. G. Wells’ science fiction novel, immortalized by Orson Welles’ radio show and movies that made movie history.

In the beginning there was a novel about H. G. Wells dates back to 1898 and is considered one of the origins of all science fiction literature. Then there was the famous radio show of one guy Orson Welleswho, by adapting portions of the novel in 1938 and essentially pretending to read a special newscast, threw the entire nation into a panic.
And then, of course, cinema came: with the director’s famous film Byron Haskin in 1953, and then with a beautiful and underrated version of the 9/11 post delivered by Steven Spielberg With Tom Cruise main character in 2005 (voiced in the same year by a couple of mocasters).
The thing is, for everyone, by now, War of the Worlds is synonymous with sci-fi movies, alien invasions, gigantic extraterrestrial tripods wreaking havoc, destruction and death. Great entertainment too.
A new film (English production) based on the novel will hit US theaters on April 21st. wellsand is produced by Vertical Entertainment: it’s called War of the Worlds: Attack and below we will show it to you original official trailer.
In a film directed by Junaid Syed, three young astronomers discover that a meteorite is crashing to earth and find themselves in the midst of a massive Martian invasion. The soldier will help them return to London and find a way to save humanity from extinction.
The director said:

The idea was to create a modernized version of “War of the Worlds” while trying to preserve the original story as much as possible. It has nostalgic elements for adults and at the same time modern storylines that make it appealing and interesting for a younger audience.

Here is the original official trailer War of the Worlds: Attack:

Source: Coming Soon

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