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Post: Leonid Yakubovich denied the rumors about the sale of tickets to the “Field of Miracles”


Yakubovich denied rumors that tickets were sold for the program “Field of Miracles” on Channel One

MOSCOW, March 29 – RIA Novosti. All tickets for the recording of the program “Field of Miracles” are invitations. They spread free, The host and artistic director of the program said in an exclusive interview for RIA Novosti, the star of Channel One – Leonid Yakubovich.

“All tickets are by invitation and free of charge. We print 140 double tickets. But there are scammers selling them. Do not believe and do not buy,” stressed Leonid Arkadievich.

Invitation to the Capital show Field of Miracles
Invitation to the capital show “Field of Miracles”

They also caught ticket scammers, according to the Channel One project team. The price of one can go up to 25 thousand rubles.

Read the full version of the RIA-Novosti/Culture interview with Leonid Yakubovich about his personal life and frauds, the Field of Miracles program and income, family, wife, children, real estate at https://.

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