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Post: Big Brother Vip, Nikita Pelizon in tears for Luca Onestini: “He’s the man I wouldn’t want to lose in my life”


Nikita Pelizon burst into tears at Gf Vip, remembering his trip with Luca Onestini.

There semi-finals of the seventh edition of Big Brother Vip he saw exclusion from the game by Luca Onestini. An unexpected exit from the stage that took everyone by surprise destabilized Nikita Pelizonwho couldn’t keep tears.

Nikita Pelizon collapsed after Luca Onestini’s departure

Luca Onestini out of the game one step away from the Big Brother Vip final. An elimination that destabilized the House’s various competitors. If Alberto De Pisis really admitted that he felt guilty about his choice, Nikita Pelizon confessed to Milena Mikoni that she regrets how the relationship between her and the former throned Men and Women developed:

It’s strange because he’s been here for 4 months, it’s strange not to hear him joke at home anymore… I don’t even know why it makes me feel so bad. As if you want to spend time together until the end. Now things have calmed down between us, I was pleased … Leaving aside the shadow side, the bright side is beautiful. Regardless of his figure, he is someone I wouldn’t want to lose in my life. Even if we got hurt, he’s not a bad person.

WITH tears on eyes, Nikita he went on to admit:

I told him that I didn’t want to see him anymore, but that’s not true. I would like to see it. It’s strange for me even today to play alone, without him. It worries me that I’m like this, I shouldn’t be like this. He revived the House, the lack is felt.

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