Post: Friends are 22 years old, rags fly between Umberto Gaudino and Mattia Zenzola: “I need one thing: respect!”

This afternoon, Wednesday, March 29, a tough discussion took place in Amici between Umberto Gaudino and Mattia Zenzola. Let’s see what happened together.

Daytime Friends Today, Wednesday March 29, began with a sensational quarrel in the studio: Umberto Gaudinodance coach for school students Maria DeFilippiIt has left the studio in a rage. The production did not broadcast the backstory of the dispute, but showed the sequel directly, with Matthias Zenzola AND Blessed Vari masters discuss. Apparently, also, according to Blessed, Matthias he behaved in such a way that during the lesson he annoyed the coach with his attitude and pushed him to leave.

Friends 22, Umberto lashes out at Mattia

Surprisingly, Humbert goes back to school and asks Matthias listen to it. The dancer tries to explain himself, but the coach blocks him and asks him to listen because he is tired of his attitude. This is the first time Umberto Gaudino so loses his temper, despite the pupil Raymond Todaro has already shown that he is stubborn at times and does not want to listen to his teachers’ advice.

Humbert he runs out of breath, stating that Matthias disrespect him with your attitude:

“I want you to listen to me, you have to let me speak now. First I need to talk to you and tell you what I have because I understand that you are on your own path and you are under stress and we are there for you but you don’t show respect you are never happy you never smile you don’t like music choreography everything you do you say it sucks it’s not good there is nothing of you respect for me You don’t have a positive attitude to things, I always have to be there to convince you or talk to a child who always looks at himself and does not listen to me when I correct him, for me it is a lack of respect and attention. reached the limit, waiting for a person who meets me with a desire to practice, otherwise it’s double work. I believe in you, you know it, but your attitude annoys me. with my soul in my hand, I tell you that I want to listen to you, but not with that kind of attitude.”

Matthias does not react, but vice versa admits that Umberto is right and that his attitude is wrong, so he apologizes. But Humbert feels teasing:

“If you had given a speech like that a month ago, I would have fallen for it. But not now. You show no desire to improve, I see the same thing as last year. hall, you just have to dance and do your best. The approach is fundamental, also and above all at the Supper. I am not questioning the performance, but your preparation if you dance and train properly. But I can’ I can’t convince you anymore. I am ready to grow and improve with you, but you?”

Once again, the dancer does not contradict the master, he knows that he needs to change his attitude, but does not know how, he knows that he fully deserves this impulse. Can he really improve and demonstrate Humbert be worthy of his admiration?

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