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Post: Sergey Zhukov will shoot new “Ranetki” with his daughter Nika


Soloist “Hands Up!” Zhukov will shoot a musical drama with his daughter Nika in the spirit of “Ranetki”

MOSCOW, March 29 – RIA Novosti. The press service of the project, Sergei Zhukov, became the showrunner of the musical drama in the spirit of “Ranetki” – “Cry-Baby”.

The main role is played by her 15-year-old daughter, Nika. The schoolgirl will play Masha. The business of the hero’s father collapsed, and he moved from Rublyovka to a small town. Classmates do not accept the girl, she becomes a victim of bullying. Creativity helps Masha survive attacks.

Pulled from the filming of the musical drama Crybaby
Withdrawn from the filming of the musical drama “Cry-Baby”
“I’ve always dreamed of popularizing live music among young people. So girls and boys start playing the guitar just like after watching Ranetki. Also, using the heroine example, I want to show that music saves in difficult times, you know where?” and how to throw out your emotions and protests,” he says, “Hands Up!

Nika admits that she worked in absentia to be able to participate in the shoot.

“I shoot during the day, I contact the teachers in the evenings and on the weekends. I understand that in the future I will definitely connect my life with cinema and theater,” explains the actress.

Also in the project are singers Vanya Dmitrienko, Diana Enakaeva, Daniil Izotov, Alexey Onezhen and others.

“It is almost unrealistic to find a talented man who sings and plays among actors of this age. And we often crossed paths with Vanya in our music workshop. And he is an example of how at the age of sixteen you can achieve great success at a national competition scale with your work”, Dmitrienko He shares his opinion on Zhukov.
Pulled from the filming of the musical drama Crybaby
Withdrawn from the filming of the musical drama “Cry-Baby”

Each episode will feature a special composition and video. Songs are dedicated to the problems of the hero.

“There will be two great tracks by Vanya Dmitrienko, versions of hits by Tsoi and Gaza, and most of my material. We recorded twelve songs and as a result it will turn into an album of the group Cry-Baby,” explains Zhukov. .

You can watch the series on STS.

Earlier information was given about the series about the group “Pesnyary”. The first images of the project have already been published on the Internet.

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