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Post: Men and women, is Tina Cipollari one step away from marrying Vincenzo Ferrara? Bitter truth


Men & Women history columnist Tina Cipollari is back to talk about her personal life in an interview with Nuovo weekly.

There historical columnist for Men and Women magazine Tina Cipollari she returned to talk about her personal life in an interview with the weekly New. Recently, there has been talk of a flashback and even an imminent wedding with Vincent FerraraTuscan restaurateur associated with ex-wife for many years Kiko Nally.

Men and women, Tina Cipollari: the story of Vincenzo Ferrara crashed

reviewer Man and womanalso posted an Instagram story while he was in the wedding dress atelier, which immediately sparked chatter about his return to the altar after his first marriage to Nally from whom three children were born.

There Cipollarsin an interview given to a magazine under the direction of Riccardo Signoretti, however, he denied everything, stating:

“A few months ago we met again with Vincenzo: I was in Florence and went to visit him in his restaurant. We loved each other very much, but today we see each other only as friends.

There Cipollars however, she still strives to find love today: “Perhaps a man between the ages of 55 and 65 who knows how to please and intrigue.” Finally, Vamp from the dating show opened up about her relationship withKiko’s ex-husband:

“A harmonious relationship between the two of us can only be to the benefit of our children.”

After a divorce from a Roman barber, Tina met in 2018 Vincent Ferrara, a famous Tuscan restaurateur, thanks to mutual friends. There Cipollars she also said she was ready to leave Rome to move to Florence and start living with a 53-year-old Florentine, but after the pandemic, the relationship collapsed, although the bonds of affection still remain between them.

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